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Introduction to using DLLs in Delphi posted 15 Mar 2010, 12:02 by Delphi Basics A DLL consists of two basic parts, the library source file which describes the code for the DLL and an interface unit, which provides the interface between a user program and the DLL. Delphi file hash calculator function in Description MultiHasher With this program, you can calculate one or more hash values for a single file at once, hash values for multiple files and text string. And the function will return a 4 byte signed integer. Inlining is a performance optimization that can result in faster code, but at the expense of space. Scroll down to the "mnuActDeact_Click" function that Delphi generated for you. Some functions to make your life a little easy programming delphi on ST. Assembly Procedures and Functions (Win32 Only) . Loading a Unicode string from a file with Delphi functions October 20, 2011 Computing , Development Marc Durdin In my previous post, I described differences in saving text with TStringStream and TStringList. If you allocate memory with one compiler's allocation function, you must free the memory with that same compiler's deallocation function. The SetDifference function is used as substitution of Delphi's - operator. To compile and link a Delphi program, you need a program source file and any number of additional units in source or object form. In Delphi code, call FileSize to determine the size of the file specified by the file variable F. So, to get the current date and time, use one of the following functions: var the_date, the_time, the_day_and_time: tDateTime; begin the_date := date; the_time := time; the_day_and_time := now; // same as the_date + the_time end; You can add or subtract days from the date. Delphi is a high-level, compiled, strongly typed language that supports structured and object-oriented design. dll stdcall'; function InitializeSetup:  Common: NSStrToStr should check for nil (Delphi does that, so a function with the same name should do that, too) - Fixed TDPFUIView Resize method in Delphi  In older versions of Delphi, the SysUtils module is missing the function for In order to simplify the process of debugging, it is necessary that the DLL file is  24 May 2002 In this procedure, the SetPath() method of IShellLink is used to point the link to an executable file or document (Notepad in this case). Calculating Expressions with the Evaluate function The built in function Evaluate interprets a string containing a valid mathematical expression during runtime and a result is returned. Use of the non-native Pascal file variable handlers such as FileOpen is discouraged. It also includes a polygon renderer for line and polygon drawing. This example is from the Delphi 5 Printer function help. When you create a DLL in Delphi and use overloaded functions (that is, multiple functions using the same name and marked with the overload directive), Delphi allows you to export only one of the overloaded functions with the original name, indicating its parameters list in the exports clause. Delphi XE, how to make archive ZIP files or extract files from ZIP, with build in functions. These routines map to the Windows API functions and return file handles, not normal Pascal file variables. SIMPLE? - posted in Pascal and Delphi: Ok so say i have a function called Function1 in the unit named Unit1. DLL extension, or the program will not work under Windows NT/2000/XP (although it will work under Windows 9 x ). The concept of the command in DelPhi comes in two forms, statements and functions. inc. Refer to the file deploy. See visual examples, code for using delphi file routines, and download a sample The function returns a string which will be empty if the file name does not  You don't remember exactly the functionname, but you know there was a function ? ExtractFileDrive, ExtractFilePath  Delphi isn't a functional programming language and doesn't really try So if you run the delete function on a file and return true, then rerun the  Name FileSize Function Syntax function FileSize(var F: File): LongInt; function FileSize(var F: TextFile): LongInt; Description FileSize returns the size in records   Delphi applications make intensive use of units, or program modules. Thus: If the file is declared as a file of byte, then the record size defaults to one byte, and FileSize returns the number of bytes in the file. Function : Eof : Returns true if a file opened with Reset is at the end Function : Eoln : Returns true if the current text file is pointing at a line end Procedure : Erase : Erase a file Function : FileExists : Returns true if the given file exists Variable : FileMode : Defines how Reset opens a binary file Function : FilePos : Gives the file position in a binary or text file Function : FileSearch Returns true if the given file exists Function : FileGetAttr : Gets the attributes of a file Variable : FileMode : Defines how Reset opens a binary file Function : FilePos : Gives the file position in a binary or text file Function : FileSearch : Search for a file in one or more directories Function : FileSetAttr : Sets the attributes of a file Function : FileSetDate Delphi Basics Home | Files. So, you have a few options to resolve this: This article will introduce you to the art of threading and synchronization. The following code creates a DLL containing two functions, Min and Max, with the objective of returning the larger of two integers. Start a new DLL project in Delphi (Click File −> New, select DLL). If the function succeeds, the loaded document will be selected and its DocumentID can be retrieved using the SelectedDocument function. Fill in the code in the library as given below. This Delphi full source code example details receiving the progress Well, you *do* have to bother yourself with LN, at least to write a LOG function: function log (n : real) : real; begin log := ln(n)/ln(10); end; This is a bare example that doesn't take into account the range limits of LN or LOG. We will load the HTML document when the form is first shown. PDFLibrary::LoadFromFile(FileName As String, Password As String) As Long DLL. Drop a button on Form1 and add the following code to the OnClick event handler: with TForm2. Same printer, but different drivers - obviously. The name directive is not necessary if the Delphi function (or procedure) name matches the DLL function name (which is case sensitive). The prototype is function (Parameter: Pointer): Integer Parameter: This is a pointer to a parameter, which can be anything you like. ) Immediately after the uses clause the functions in the main dll unit are described, followed by the EXPORTS keyword and a list of those functions (or procedures) being exported. Add a TSaveDialog to the form. The size is expressed as the number of records in a record file. xml, You can find the format how the Micro soft created environment to write a The . EncodeDate function Creates a TDateTime value from Year, Month, and Day values. Change the Old Path and New Path to move files outside the Debug directory, Old File and New File will not take a relative path. 1 Delphi / Kylix file equivalents in Lazarus; 2. Delphi Basic Concepts Tutorials (Page 1) - Technical and managerial tutorials shared by internet community. All Delphi versions Delphi Project File. To include only normal files, pass zero for the Attr parameter. Also add two TEdits, two TLabels and a TButton with the OnClick event named Save1Click. Using C DLLs with Delphi (and HeadConv v4. gives access to a great deal of advanced Windows functions (known as APIs – Resources, Memory Management, Graphics, File Compression, and so on). A Hash function returns a 32-bit (or sometimes 64-bit) integers for any given length of data. In the FastMM folder you will find the file FastMM4Options. You can use the functions that are declared in the interface section, that is the section of code before the implementation section. These functions provide the basic API services. By using ADO and Delphi, you can create database applications that do not rely on the BDE. In this case, if you specify fmCreate or fmOpenWrite, it is actually the same as fmCreate File handling functions. DelPhi takes as input a coordinate file format of a molecule or the electrostatic potential of molecules in solution: method and error assessment. The name of the DLL must include the . This means, that  You can use the Dropbox API for Delphi to download and upload files, manage service: API objects and functions that are similar to standard Dropbox for . Function · DirectoryExists, Returns true if the given directory  To call routines from a separately compiled object file, first link the object file to your application using the $L (or $LINK)  This page demonstrates how to perform File I/O using Delphi. if i call the function on its own such as //unit 2 begin result := function1[parameter]; end; it does not recognise the function. By using Network Component, you can very easily create or enhance applications with network features. String Handling Routines: Delphi Programming. DLLs can be called by any Windows program (or DLL), provided you know how to ask for the right stuff inside the DLL - you need an import library or import unit to access the internals. Declaration: function EncodeDate(Year, Month, Day: Word): TDateTime. var iGraphCount : integer; pStoredProc : TFDStoredProc; begin File Opening Mode for TFileStream in Delphi. The delphi help files suggest that you use the Pascal routines if you can. Difference between a normal file of characters and a text file is that a text file is divided into lines, each terminated by a special end-of-line marker, automatically inserted by the system. Since I do not have anything that supports the OS encryption, I didn't go down that avenue. This LIB file is useless in Delphi; the DLL file is used as-is, and the H file must be translated into a Delphi unit with the corresponding declarations. You are probably trying to call functions that are defined only in the implementation section, that is that code that appears after the implementation keyword. If you want to get the file size in bytes for a file, you can use the following function in Delphi/Object Pascal. We need to use ShlObj unit in uses clause. C++ Examples: Copy Code. The function has to be as fast as possible and the collision should be as less as possible. The main file for any project. lib file is the one that needs to be specified as an input to the linker, not the DLL. Delphi provides a number of different file access mechanisms. It uses the jedi  When set to True, causes the currently running method to abort. 4 VCI functions in the initialization phase of the application . Based on Object Pascal, its benefits include easy-to-read code, quick compilation, and the use of multiple unit files for modular programming. If you specify the fmCreate the file will always be cleared as empty if created or always exists. Please create one Excel sheet with any function then unzip it and check in the xl\worksheets\sheet1. Go Up to The table also specifies which compiler support each function Associates the name of an external file with a file variable. Delphi confusingly provides two basic sets of routines for file handling. Your user-defined functions will work in Excel 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and Excel 2019. Then the buffer is displayed in two columns of the string grid. However, it's possible to either hard code the ability to "import" functions from DLLs or dynamically "bind" a DLL during the run time -- which of course means that we don't necessarily need to know the name Creating UDFs in Delphi. Starting the thread. . The SetIntersection function is used as substitution of Delphi's * operator. The CompareText function compares two strings without case sensitivity. Each option is very well documented and it is how you set the default behavior of FastMM. Get File Size The FileSize function returns the size of a file in bytes; the function returns -1 if the file was not found. The oldest is in support of consoles, where the Read, ReadLn, Write and WriteLn routines have a   Procedure · BlockWrite, Writes a block of data records to an untyped binary file. Valid Month values are 1 through 12. The fmShareDenyNone specifies that the file can by read or write (no limitation) by other processes. Then a . 6 easy steps to develop Excel Automation add-ins or UDF in Delphi. zipFile(ArchiveName, Filename: String): boolean; DELPHI - How to call stored procedure (TFDStoredProc) TFDStoredProc with one input parameter and with integer return value. Delphi's LeftStr function returns a string containing a specified number of characters from the left side of a string. >If I set the DirLocation directory and then try to build the SourceFile >string for the CopyFile function as follows: >Var > SourceFile, DestFile : PChar; "opening" a text file in notepad. Create a new Delphi application with 2 forms: Form1 and Form2. 6. 2 Converting Delphi projects/ forms/units 2. Delphi Examples: { The following example uses a button, a string grid, and an Open dialog box on a form. By definition DLLs are dynamically loaded libraries of functions and sometimes data. This is mostly a function with a while loop inside. CopyFileEx Delphi Example CopyFileEx api copies an existing file to a new file, notifying the application of its progress through a callback function. For more details about SHGetFolderPath please visit following link Delphi 5 and up Alt + [ Match pair forward Delphi 5 and up Alt + ] Match pair backward Delphi 5 and up Alt + RightArrow Browse forward (hotlink history) Delphi 6 and up Alt + LeftArrow Browse backward (hotlink history) Delphi 6 and up Alt + UpArrow Browse to symbol under editor cursor (invoke a hotlink and add it to the hotlink history) Welcome to Delphi Technologies. This is quite easy to do. Free; end ; end ; I've been trying to develop a Delphi 7 app that will read data from a text or csv file, perform some basic functions, load it into an array, and append the array contents below the current last row in an existing Delphi TFTP Client Sample Source Code. The following example creates and writes into a text file named contact. This way I can handle text files created with both ansi and unicode version of the same project. In order to use this function, you have to provide a parameter which is the path to the file name. A similar system is used by the Delphi IDE to save forms to and load forms from files in processes named ‘serialization’ (structured data to stream) and ‘deserialization’ (structured data from stream). The range of DelphiScript functions are presented in sections for FileIO routines, Math routines, String routines and Extension routines. function TForm1. Like that I want to encode one function in the xlsx sheet manually. instead of Form1^. Here's an example of the layout of the Delphi record in question (just to get an idea of the data types being used, in case that matters at all). exe for example will not lock the file notepad will read it into memory, and you could even delete the file and it wouldn't care here's a quick demo I wrote for you to test locking because the "FileUnlocked" function tries to open with fmShareExclusive, it will report even if another app is simply reading the file Attributes can be combined by adding (Delphi) or or-ing (C++) their constants or values. So simply linking the C object file will make the linker complain about "unsatisfied external  27 Dec 2009 This API makes it fairly easy to zip or unzip a ZIP file. A DLL file (short for dynamic link library) is a special kind of executable that cannot be started by itself, but exports procedures and functions (called &quot;Entry Points&quot;) for other executables to call. This plugin will File formats that use the theme “Pascal” or “Delphi”. VCL library and the Windows files, you'll find that some Delphi functions have the same  2. 2. We can combine multiple ASCII files to one by using the copy command like: copy file1 + file2 + file3 file4. Instead of Read and Write, two procedures called BlockRead and BlockWrite are used for high-speed data transfers. A - B is equal to SetDifference(A, B). DelPhi: Statements and Functions DelPhi now uses a command interpreter allowing english-like commands to be used in the parameter file. The only function you import from the DLL is CreateConsole. Create(Application) do begin ShowModal; Free; end; This is a sample code to play media files using libVLC with Delphi (test with Delphi XE2 VCL form, VLC 1 program will display a list of functions failed to load This entails a description of how to do some specific NTFS file functions, and have been tested on what I have here (Windows XP). Function DebenuPDFLibrary1511. Create(Src, fmOpenRead or fmShareDenyWrite); try ObjectResourceToText(SrcS, Dest); Result := True; finally SrcS. ) With Windows 98, you just copy the image canvas to the printer canvas. It will be passed to the thread function as the parameter pointer. Introduction to using DLLs in Delphi. pas contains all VCI functions. AssignFile (prevent the use of the older Assign procedure) - Assign a name to a file; Append - Opens an existing file for appending data to end of file and editing it In application my function searchs a directory for a text files, this function works fine on NTFS file system, but not works on FAT32 system, this application was compiled on NTFS, WinXP, Delphi 7. Procedures and functions, referred to collectively as routines, are self-contained statement blocks that can be called from different locations in a program. tip and tricks for Java, Android, Delphi, PHP and JavaScript. File I/O - Delphi Examples. Syntax Delphi. Create(Application) do begin ShowModal; Free; end; When I compile the same project in Delphi XE2 I do not use this but the unicode encoding. hlp file and get all the necessary links without building a monster index of everything in the full help system. Now create a new delphi application and drop a TComboBox and a TWebBrowser on the main form. Network Component provides an easy-to-use development interface to a variety of IP protocols. Delphi tutorial: Introduction To Subroutines (Procedures and Functions) This has good information, and a search button at the bottom of the page, Please don't dismiss it because it isn't full of graphics, scripts, cookies, etc! Open a Binary DFM File as a Text Stream /// open a binary DFM file as a text stream function DfmFile2Stream( const Src: string ; Dest: TStream): boolean; var SrcS: TFileStream; begin SrcS := TFileStream. Does the ShFileOperation API support this feature or is there any other API support for this? Tutorial: Handling Dates and Time in Delphi. . Delphi IDEs and Compilers; Delphi: Not free. A procedure is a routine that does not return a value. 3 Jun 2013 DelPhi v. mdb'; > CopyFile(SourceFile,DestFile,False); >end; >however, SourceFile will only accept the literal string enclosed in quotes. In Delphi, procedural types (method pointers) allow you to treat procedures and functions as values that can be assigned to variables or passed to other procedures and functions. Microsoft Visual  In the example "Text Editor" Delphi application the "frmMain. We'll first examine the techniques then we'll look at a case study that changes the font in an HTML document. When the user clicks OK, the specified file is opened, read into a buffer, and closed. Lines within the parameter file can be either Statement or Functions. 3 Another method to convert a Delphi or Kylix project to Lazarus. Disks such as hard disks, floppy disks, CDs and DVDs (the latter are treated as read only). function, Main, runs the main/0 predicate of a load Prolog file. Generic File I/O methods: A record size of 1 is the only value that correctly reflects the exact size of any file. exe. Function · ChangeFileExt, Change the extension part of a file name. Description: Creates a TDateTime value from Year, Month, and Day values. Methods that always finish quickly (i. Use the command AssignFile to connect the TextFile variable to a physical file on disk. A callback is a means of passing a procedure(or function) as a parameter into another procedure, so that when a certain event occurs in the procedure that you called, the callback function is called (being passed any parameters that you need) when the callback procedure has completed, control is passed back to the original procedure. The STDCALL keyword describes a function that uses standard calls to its address (compatible with Windows. DelPhi. A function is a routine that returns a value when it executes. Image32 is a compact 2D graphics library written in Delphi Pascal. Declaration: function CompareText( const S1, S2: string ): integer; Description: Compares two strings without case sensitivity. Create a file and then click on the button to select the file with a TOpenDialog. The Delphi linker has problem with C++ object files, so you must create and compile a C file: /* functions. This architecture allows Delphi to display an integrated help package made up of many separate files, and it allows the user to double click an *. There's going to be a few issues with some of the data types that would most likely hinder the ability to call this function from VB as well The Delphi 1 help file says that ShellExecute comes not from the normal WinProcs unit, but from the ShellAPI unit. Nevertheless, IDR is DeleteFile deletes the file named by FileName from the disk. Converts a file date/time format to a TDateTime value SysUtils : FileExists : Returns true if the given file exists SysUtils : FileGetAttr : Gets the attributes of a file System : FilePos : Gives the file position in a binary or text file SysUtils : FileSearch : Search for a file in one or more directories SysUtils : FileSetAttr : Sets the In Delphi code, call FileSize to determine the size of the file specified by the file variable F. I use the Windows API calls to show you how it really works -- the hard truth. I want to call this function in Unit 2. To do this create an OnShow event handler for the form with the following code: If you want to get the file size in bytes for a file, you can use the following function in Delphi/Object Pascal. SetIntersection function. The Year must be between 1 and 9999. exe file that worked perfectly with Windows 98 failed to print the images with Windows XP. Here is a function for using the API from Delphi to unzip a file. zip and extract it, you will find a set of xml files. That makes file4 become the sum of file1 , file2 and file3 . How do you Call a function/procedure from another unit. Loads a PDF document from a file on disk. 2- The New Macromolecular Electrostatics Modeling . If the function or procedure meets certain criteria, the compiler will insert code directly, rather than generating a call. Delphi is based on the Pascal programming language making it ideal for educational purposes as well. Doesn't matter, though - in D2010, string is Unicode, and Delphi will still auto-convert when possible without the typecast, same as above; in D2010, CopyFile is actually CopyFileW for the wide string version. The source in the implementation section shows how this can be done. dproj text/xml Delphi 2007 and newer Delphi Project File for the native compiler. You can't, for instance, allocate memory with MicroSoft Visual C++'s allocation function and free it with a Borland compiler's deallocation function. Abstract: This paper is designed to show you how easy it is to get up to speed with ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) in a Delphi application. With BASM we can mix Assembly Language with Delphi code in the same source file (even inline within the same function for 32-bit BASM). The Delphi compiler allows functions and procedures to be tagged with the inline directive to improve performance. "Open" the text file for writing with the command Rewrite. Delphi Pascal is a modular programming language, and the basic module is called a unit. We will also load the screen fonts into the combo box at the same time. pas" file is the . xlsx file to . A * B is equal to SetIntersection(A, B). Contains the source code of the main file for a Delphi project. (I use ifdefs to decide to use the unicode encoding for XE2 or those function for Delphi 2007 ansi) These file handling procedures and functions are located in unit System. The FileSize function returns the size of a file, in bytes -- a useful result for certain file-handing applications within a Delphi program. ' FunctionThatReturnsStrings@files:TheDLL. It gives a declaration of: function ShellExecute(Wnd: HWnd; Operation, FileName, Parameters, Directory: PChar; ShowCmd: Integer): THandle; which matches what is in the unit. Functions concerning input and output from and to file. When the Delphi program generates its files, it uses a lot of the Delphi standard file management functions like DeleteFile, RenameFile etc and this happens just before the trigger to Citect to read the files occurs. We’re a global enterprise focused on innovating propulsion systems and aftermarket solutions so that passenger cars and commercial vehicles drive cleaner, better and further. For example, to search for read-only and hidden files in addition to normal files, pass (faReadOnly + faHidden) in Delphi or (faReadOnly | faHidden) in C++ as the Attr parameter. Simple and Fast Hash Functions in Delphi In Delphi, you can have a Hash function defined as follows, which takes a pointer and a length, and returns a 32-bit unsigned (or signed) integer. Behind the scenes, Delphi reference types like objects or interfaces are pointers, so they are equivalent to the C++ pointer types. Procedure  Function · CreateDir, Create a directory. On some occasions when using a TWebBrowser I've needed to use Delphi to call JavaScript functions contained in the current document. To use the interface in Delphi, you can do something like: Delphi allows fast and high-level/abstract programming, like Java and Visual Basic, but you can also use it to code at a lower/more fundamental level, like you can do with most C++ environments. This is a function of Clipper (exactly, CA-Clipper) back in the nineties. Contains the current settings for project options, such as compiler and linker settings, directories, conditional directives, and command-line parameters. Except for Read and Write, all typed-file standard procedures and functions are also allowed on untyped files. The other element is the name of the DLL function. One can manually edit this file or, optionally, use the FastMM4 Options Interface. When the button is clicked, the user is prompted for a filename. This is the file that controls how FastMM behaves. These routines map to the Windows API functions and return file handles, not normal Pascal file   Delphi Intrinsic Routines. You might also want to check that everything's ok with your DLL by inspecting it with DependencyWalker (since it's extern C it will have a human readable name). It provides an extensive range of image manipulation functions. The Delphi header VCI2. For an example rename your . /* The following code prompts for confirmation before deleting a file. PAS: > SourceFile := 'C:\Program Files\Maas\Data. If the file cannot be deleted or does not exist, the function returns false. Traditionally, copying a file involves using a loop to move a series of blocks from one file into a temporary buffer, then copying the contents of the buffer into another file. Remove Form2 from the auto-created form list in the Project | Options | Forms menu dialog. 2 Answers. Yes . Final project goal is development of the program capable to restore the most part of initial Delphi source codes from the compiled file but IDR, as well as others Delphi decompilers, cannot do it yet. Using the interface. 2 Delphi header files . unit unit1; interface //this is the part you "share" with other4 units, or the "public" part //You can have a uses clause here, if you're using types or constants from other units in your interface section. 20) With a DLL, you can create a single library of procedures/functions or resources that can be used by an unlimited number of applications. Function · DeleteFile, Delete a file specified by its file name. I wrote an example that searches for a specific string in multiple files. These are low-level file access routines. Delphi has 3 main approaches to read/write of generic files: Except for Read and Write, all typed-file standard procedures and functions are also allowed on  18 Aug 2001 Is there a simple function for copying and/or moveing files in delphi? I know there's a function called MoveFileWithProgress but I don't know  Hi there, i know a few ways to play with files but never really compared For files use GetFiles method } if not ( IncludeDirectories = True ) and  Delphi library to extract objects from Unreal Engine games. Devised by Niklaus Wirth in the late 1960s and early 1970s, Pascal is a programming language Standard Pascal has file 'buffer variables', together with 'get' and 'put' The functions 'pack' and 'unpack' are not implemented in Delphi. A decompiler of executable files (EXE) and dynamic libraries (DLL), written in Delphi and executed in Windows32 environment. 16 Mar 2019 But Delphi's runtime doesn't contain these functions. The other type are thin wrappers around Windows APIs - and as such are platform specific. Here's how to call a function (or procedure) as a parameter of another function (or procedure) : /* This example copies a specified old file to a new file. It is the primary entry point for the executable and refers to the other source files in the project. In Delphi, you can have a Hash function defined as follows, which takes a pointer and a length, and returns a 32-bit unsigned (or signed) integer. html for a complete list of files that you can distribute in . See the FPC documentation for more details: Reference for 'System' unit. Do not delete. NET. Let's look at the CopyFile function found in the FMXUTILS. int DPLLoadFromFile(int InstanceID, wchar_t * FileName, wchar_t * Password) Parameters ShellExecute() works asynchronously, it simply signals the OS to load the specified file and then exits, leaving the spawned process running on its own accord. have no length file operations or network  The first is to use Windows drag and drop API functions and handle a related step guide to what we need to do in a Delphi application to handle dropped files:. However, my experience is that an *. Calling a Function from a Delphi DLL in VB. The SubSet function is used as substitution of Object Pascal's <= operator. The filter parameter is  2. txt − But what could you say about an EVAL(code: string) function? this little function is an interpreter itself of whatever code in form of string that you pass to it as its parameter. function TDebenuPDFLibrary1511. You can submit your tutorial to promote it. As the threads search, real-time synchronized information is sent to the main form. The most Delphi like are covered by this article and this web site. 6. //If you only use things in the implementation, don't add the uit to your interface. If you know you're using valid values, this should be fine, else Delphi provides SHGetFolderPath API function which helps us to get windows system folder paths. @JohnEasley: This question was about D5/7 (pre-Unicode), where the parameters are PChar (same as PAnsiChar), and CopyFile is actually CopyFileA under the hood. These different sections are how Delphi The auto-conversion Delphi does is similar to the way it allows you to drop the ^ operator when accessing class instances (which are pointers) or records like TPoint, so you can use Form1. Accessing Databases Using ADO and Delphi By: Charles Calvert. e. The comparison is NOT case sensitive and does not consider the Windows locale settings. Delphi allows not only to create applications but also DLL files. Delphi has special features that support Borland's component framework and RAD environment. This library allows a Delphi programmer to read UT package files (this are the . u, as the complete library except the games functions data and the native function generator exe. In the following listing, you can see the declaration of the C++ functions I've used to build the CppDll library example. For selection of  18 Jan 2006 Sharing a Delphi class between different modules is illegal. Save the project as delhpdll. SubSet function. Delphi Source Files. LoadFromFile(FileName, Password: WideString): Integer; ActiveX. c */ int factorial(int n) {return (n > 1) ? n * factorial(n - 1) : 1; } char* get_text(char* text) {return text; } By default, the C compiler stores the names of C functions prepended by an underscore character '_': factorial --> _factorial Using Existing DLLs. The DLL just has to be in the same folder as the . delphi file functions

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